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collaboration with Pamm Hong

Invivo is a personalised healthcare system consisting of an embedded light-sensitive cell (Invivo Cell), dosage-controlled light-sensitive prescription lenses (Invivo Lens) and patient-doctor feedback application (Invivo App) encouraging the return of control to patients with depression.


Harnessing the powerful future of ‘Optogenetics’ in synthetic neurobiology, designer, Pamm Hong and I created a user-led, research-based system for patients with depression.

Lesley-Ann Daly INVIVO speculative design



Patients with depression face many obstacles both psychologically and socially. Our project looks at overcoming these obstacles by allowing patients to regain control and responsibility over their illness.


Through a non-invasive method of prescription, we’re seeking the possibility of replacing pills while enabling patients to feel a freedom within the boundaries of depression.

Lesley-Ann Daly INVIVO speculative design
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